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Since we opened our doors in north London in 1924, we’ve been transforming pets’ lives. Today, we’re making a bigger difference than ever through the vital services we run at our centre in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire and in local communities. But there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes.

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One-to-one support

Woodgreen’s website is packed with expert advice on dogs, cats and small pets. But you can also get in touch with us online, on email and over the phone. Whether you’re looking for general advice on caring for your pet or you need urgent support, we can help.

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Training, workshops and classes

At Woodgreen we pride ourselves on having a team of qualified behaviourists and trainers to support owners. Our approach to training and behaviour modification is based on current scientifically proven methods. This support transforms pets’ lives, even ‘difficult’ dogs with the most complex needs. We also offer a range of workshops and classes at our centre and online.

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Pet Collection service

As well as taking in animals at our centre in Godmanchester, we offer a Pet Collection service in North London, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire. Since its launch in 2020, it’s proven to be a lifeline for many homeless pets and struggling owners who need to give up their pet. Whatever the reason for needing to find your pet a new home, we can help.

Community outreach

Community outreach

Woodgreen’s Outreach Team play a vital role in our local communities. They’re here to respond to calls for urgent help, whether that’s a pet in need of support or someone struggling to afford to feed their pet. The team also help pet owners to prevent common medical and behavioural issues, offering advice on the phone and providing health and wellbeing checks in person.

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We have a passionate team dedicated to empowering young people and families with knowledge on pet care. Through a range of fun, interactive sessions that are offered online and face-to-face, we help pet owners of tomorrow learn how to look after pets in the best possible way. Discover our educational resources here.


Our success stories

Woodgreen rehome thousands of pets every year, each one with their own unique story and happy ending. Read some of our favourites.



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