Black Cat Day 2018

27th October marks Black Cat Day, it’s a fact that black cats take longer to find homes than cats of any other colour. Even kittens! Read Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle’s story.


In June 2018 the owner of Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan’s Mum called to say her cat had gotten pregnant unexpectedly and she needed help to find loving homes for the kittens. We took them in and helped the owner ensure their mum was spayed. It being the peak of kitten season we assumed these cuties would be in a new loving home in no time. Sadly we were wrong.

Lots of people called and came into the centre looking for kittens over the coming days, it became noticeable however that these black kittens were being passed over time and time again. Even over the phones, when we told people we had black kittens they decided to wait for more kittens to come in of different hues.

Happily they found a loving home together at the age of 14 weeks. They are now 6 months old and happy, sociable kittens.

There are all sorts of theories as to why black cats take longer to find homes, superstitions or the ‘selfie theory’ that they don’t photograph as well. It baffles us here, as these tiny panthers can be just as loveable and cheeky as any other colour. Do you have a black beauty of your own, or would you adopt one? Share your opinions over on our Facebook Page.