The Dog House Episode 1

Thursday 05 September 2019

In the first episode of The Dog House, we saw Tiny the terrified terrier arrive, after his owner of five years had been taken into care. Thanks to their patience, newly named Obi went home with couple Heather and Elliot. We met the Kerry family, who were hoping to find a gentle companion for sisters Georgia (8) and Phoebe (6). We found child-friendly Daisy, a young Cairn terrier, who despite her best efforts, the girls were fond of but were not ready for dog ownership. Finally, we met couple Paul and Elf, who were looking for a companion for Paul to spend his days with. After a recent operation, Paul is unable to work. We matched him with Mozart, a Jack Russell and Zeus, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Safe to say, one of our boys bundled Paul over and left him head over heels for his new four-legged friend.

The amazing stories that feature in The Dog House are just a snapshot of the work that we do here at Wood Green. But you’re in the right place to learn more – and discover what goes on behind the scenes. To watch episode one in full, click here.


Zeus' Story

Go behind the scenes with Karen, a Pet Advisor at Wood Green, who talks about Zeus – one of the little stars on the first episode of The Dog House!


Introducing children to dogs

Did you catch the first episode of The Dog House? Hear from Wendy, a Behaviour and Training specialist at Wood Green, who shares advice for families on welcoming a dog into your child’s life.


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