The Dog House Episode 3

Thursday 19 September 2019

‘The Dog House’, filmed at our main site in Godmanchester, sees our committed staff match homeless dogs with hopeful dog owners.

In episode three, ten German shepherd puppies overran our meeting pen. The Stephens family from Liverpool had the difficult task of choosing just one to go home with. And the big decision was down to teenage son Noah, who connected with Gendry, one of the calmer pups. Then we met Casper, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a lot of love to give, but a misunderstood past. Retired nurse Lesley recently moved back to the UK after having her own past to overcome. Her and Casper hit it off in a big way – see our top five reasons why Staffies make great pets below.

The amazing stories that feature in The Dog House are just a snapshot of the work that we do here at Wood Green. But you’re in the right place to learn more – and discover what goes on behind the scenes. Watch episode three in full by clicking here.


How we helped Gendry and his siblings

When a litter of German shepherd puppies arrived at Wood Green, our dedicated teams were on hand to give them the best start in life. Check out our behind the-scenes-chat with Sallyann, who shares how we helped these little stars of The Dog House, and describes one of the bigger personalities of the group – Gendry.

Meet Casper

Did you catch Casper in The Dog House? This loving, affectionate chap loves nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa. After an unfortunate incident with his previous owner, Casper had to be rehomed. But today he’s loving life with his new owner, Lesley. When first meeting Casper, she instantly thought, “that’s my boy.” Since then, she’s never looked back. “Casper honestly is the perfect dog and is settled, happy and relaxed,” she tells us.

Five reasons why Staffies make great pets

Watch our behind-the-scenes chat with Wendy, who shares some of the joys of welcoming a Staffie into your life, as well as a couple of helpful tips too!


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