The Dog House Episode 5

Thursday 03 October 2019

In episode five of The Dog House, we met Bobo - a cute terrier puppy, who wanted to find a new home with a young family. Five year old Summer Jules and mum Joanne were first up. At first, Summer was very excited, but due to her allergies, Summer’s eyes started to itch and it wasn’t meant to be. Second to try were Richard’s family, who were looking for a companion for daughter Abigail who has always wanted a sibling, and a puppy could be just that. People say the puppy picks you, and 5-month old Bobo did not disappoint. Playing fetch and showing his intelligence won over the whole family. Lastly, we met Alan who had recently lost his wife after 58 years together, and is grieving. He and his daughter Jackie wanted him to have a dog to bring some happiness back to his life. Sue, our Behaviour and Training specialist, matched him with Ruby, a gentle, mature Lhasa-cross, who is grieving herself after her owner had passed away. Sue was over the moon when Ruby recognised Alan was in need, and sat with him for some fuss. She said that ‘dogs are masters of body language.’

The amazing stories that feature in The Dog House are just a snapshot of the work that we do here at Wood Green. But you’re in the right place to learn more – and discover what goes on behind the scenes. To watch episode five in full – click here.


Bobo and Lenny's story

If these gorgeous Jack Russell puppies stole your heart, feast your eyes on our exclusive footage of the pair! Here, Wood Green staff share more about “cuddle monster” Bobo and Lenny the “explorer”, who came from an accidental litter.

Meet Ruby

Ruby is a sweet, mature lady who was brought to Wood Green after her owner passed away. Once she’s warmed to you, she likes nothing more than being fussed over. With Alan and Jackie, who she met during filming of The Dog House, she’ll enjoy a happy future filled with all the love she needs.

“They’re a good match. They understood how to approach her, and how to make friends,” says Bethan – an Animal Rehomer at Wood Green.

What to think about when getting a puppy

Did you catch Bobo and Lenny in the latest episode of The Dog House? If they’ve got you feeling ‘dog broody’, watch our top tips on what to think about when getting a puppy.

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