The Dog House Episode 6

Thursday 10 October 2019

In episode six of The Dog House, lovely young Labrador Loki is brought in by his reluctant owner, who unfortunately had to give him up to move into rented accommodation. Royal Navy nurse Sharron, arrives at Wood Green in search of a friend to help her recover from a serious back injury. Despite his best efforts, energetic Loki pulls more than Sharron’s heartstrings and she can’t rehome him. But stray puppy Bluebell might just do the trick.

We met Midnight, a nervous little terrier, looking for his forever home. Tony, the plumber, is hopeful to find a bundle of joy with his wife Joanne, to help them through the struggle of not being able to have children. Safe to say Tony finds his plumbers mate. Lastly, we met Ana’s family, who are looking for a family dog after recently immigrating to the UK from Portugal. Beautiful, blue-eyed husky Indie is the perfect match, bringing lots of energy and love too.

The amazing stories that feature in The Dog House are just a snapshot of the work that we do here at Wood Green. But you’re in the right place to learn more – and discover what goes on behind the scenes. To watch episode six in full – click here.


Meet Indie

Like many of the abandoned dogs that come to Wood Green, little is known about the history of this gorgeous husky cross. But what we do know is that she’s super friendly and adores toys! Today, she’s enjoying a new lease of life with Ana and her family. After a difficult period for them recently, Indie is also bringing some much needed enrichment to their lives too.

Bluebell's story

Bluebell was only a puppy when she was abandoned at one of our charity shops. Since then, she’s found happiness with new owner, Sharron – as seen on The Dog House. Hear from Aara at Wood Green, who was so smitten with the adorable terrier cross that she decided to foster her – giving Bluebell extra love and care while we searched for her forever home.


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