Max's Happy Ending!

After 239 days in our care, Max found his forever home – a farm, complete with a dog companion, and a family that love him very much.


What is FIV?

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is a viral infection of cats that occurs worldwide. It is a species-specific virus, so there is no risk of infection for people or for other species that come in to contact with FIV positive (FIV+) cats. It can however be transmitted to other cats. FIV infection will be diagnosed by a vet using a blood test.

Cats with FIV can live a perfectly normal life - quite often you wouldn’t be able to tell they are any different to your average healthy cat!

Caring for a cat with FIV

There is currently no cure or any treatment that can be given to deal directly with FIV. Cats that are FIV+ have a lowered immune system, so are at greater risk from infections, and they may need regular vet checks and treatment for any infections more regularly than a healthy cat might. They are still able to lead a normal life with a good life expectancy.

The individual cat’s personality will determine what requirements they would be looking for in a home. For some cats, they will be happy being in a property with an outdoor enclosure for them to sunbathe in, or an enclosed garden. Other FIV+ cats love to be able to explore, so will need to be housed in a rural location such as a farm or the countryside where they will not come into contact with other cats.

Could you offer an FIV+ cat a home?

FIV+ cats come into our centres regularly, and deserve their chance at happiness in a forever home as much as any other cat we have here. All of our available cats can be found on our website.

Max's Happy Ending!

Max came into our Godmanchester centre, where a routine blood test confirmed he was FIV positive. 

After 239 days in our care, Max found his forever home – a farm, complete with a dog companion, and a family that love him very much!

Max’s owners told us: “Max is doing really well, he is now exploring outside, and always comes to find us when we are in the garden. He is true to his hunter reputation, leaving little gifts all over the place. He’s happy coming into the house to find a warm spot to sleep. As to his FIV status, to be honest, it really doesn’t cross our mind at all. He seems happy and healthy, and very vocal. He’s a wonderful addition to the family, and in due course we would love to adopt another FIV+ cat.

If you have a rural, countryside, or farm home, and would love to open your doors to one of our FIV+ cats, please contact us.