5 reasons to own pet rats

Rats are busy little creatures who love to explore and learn from you. They all have their own loveable, little characters, and become very bonded to their human family.


  1. They love to come out to play and adapt to your daily routine. Rats love to have some free-range time in a secure playroom where they can run, forage, climb and interact with their owners.
  2. They are very intelligent! Rats are very inquisitive and love to learn. They are rather partial to a bit of agility, and learning a few tricks… as long as a tasty treat is on offer that is!
  3. It is a misconception that rats are dirty. In fact, they spend many hours of the day busily cleaning and washing themselves, and even appreciate the use of a litter tray.
  4. They give lovely cuddles. Everyone needs a cuddle, and rats happen to love snuggling into you for an evening in front of the TV.
  5. They are great with children! Rats really adapt well to children, and get used to coming out to play in the morning and after school. Children can also have lots of fun getting creative and learning new skills, by making enrichment for their rat’s cage. These can include hammocks, cardboard castles, tunnel mazes, rope ladders and rummage boxes.

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