How to care for your cat in the cold winter months

Cold weather can affect all of us in many ways, so be sure to keep your cat warm, comfortable and happy in the winter with our cold weather tips.

  • Make sure your cat has a cozy bed to sleep in away from any draughts.
  • Some cats will become reluctant to toilet outside once the weather turns colder, so ensure they have access to a litter tray at all times. If you have more than one cat, you should provide a litter tray for each cat and a spare one, as most cats do not like to share their litter tray with another cat. The reason for the spare is in case both litter trays have been used and it gives them an optional extra, as most cats do not like to go back to use a litter tray once it is dirty. Providing this amount of trays will help prevent any inappropriate toileting in the house.
  • If there has been heavy snow, make sure their cat flap is not blocked.
  • Antifreeze is extremely toxic to both cats and dogs, and they are attracted to its sweet smell and taste. Keep it well away from all pets, and mop up any spillages. If you suspect your pet may have consumed antifreeze, seek veterinary advice immediately.

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