Cold weather tips for dog owners

Cold weather can affect all of us in many ways, so be sure to keep your dog warm, comfortable and happy in the winter with our cold weather tips.

How to look after your dog during winter:

  • Short-haired breeds and elderly dogs can really feel the cold and will benefit from a coat or jumper when out on walks.
  • Walking over gritted pathways can irritate your dog’s paws, so after a walk, make sure you clean and dry their paws. If this is not done they are likely to lick their sore pads, and ingesting the salt from the grit can lead to dehydration and in severe cases liver problems.
  • Trim any long hair between your dog’s toes to prevent ice, snow and rock salt sticking to the fur.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the car in cold weather; the temperature drops very quickly.
  • Stay away from frozen lakes or rivers when on walks. If you think your dog will be tempted to run onto the ice, keep them on a lead.
  • If your dog is reluctant to go out in the very cold weather, keep them active by playing a game with them indoors, and remember if they’re not exercising as much, you’ll need to reduce their food intake accordingly.
  • Ensure your dog has a cosy bed to come home to, away from any draughts.

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