How to care for your ferrets in cold or freezing weather

If your ferret enclosure is outside, then there are lots of things you can do to keep them warm and cosy during the colder weather.

  • Put more blankets in their accommodation for them to snuggle up in
  • Check their water regularly to make sure it has not frozen over
  • Consider putting up Perspex/clear plastic sheeting on the outside of the run to keep the wind out, ensure there is still good ventilation
  • During freezing weather you can use pet safe snuggle pads to keep them warm, warm water in containers or hot water bottles can freeze quickly so are not ideal
  • Your ferrets may like to play in the snow, but ensure you dry them well with a towel afterwards

Ferrets do not like quick changes in temperature it confuses their internal thermometer, don’t bring them in at night and put them out again during the day. Only bring them inside if they look poorly and need to see a vet.

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