How to care for your rabbits during the cold winter months

Your rabbits can remain in their outdoor enclosures all year round or, if you wish, you can bring them indoors for the winter months.

It’s important, however, not to bring your rabbits in at night and then put them out again during the day. This can be very harmful and cause discomfort and stress.

Housing your rabbits outside

  • Provide lots of hay at all times. Keep the hutch/ Wendy house lined with a deep layer of fresh hay for them to snuggle into
  • During freezing weather you can use pet safe snuggle pads to keep them warm
  • Cover drinking bottles with bubble wrap to keep from freezing, check bowls regularly to make sure they have not frozen over
  • Cover hutches with a fitted hutch cover or blankets & tarpaulin to keep the frost and wind out, particularly around the doors and windows
  • Attaching tarpaulin or fitted covers to the top and sides of the run provides shelter from the wind & rain
  • Provide hiding places in their run like bunny boxes and carriers, drape blankets over them and fill with hay for snug places to cuddle up
  • Ideally your rabbits should have constant access to their hutch/ shed and run, so that they can explore during their favourite times of day, dawn and dusk, whatever the weather
  • Some rabbits enjoy the snow and love to dig and run in it. Just ensure they have plenty of dry cosy areas to retreat to when they want

Bringing your rabbits inside

Bringing your rabbits indoors can offer peace of mind, however it is important they still have plenty of space. If you decide to bring your rabbits in, one option is to place their run and hutch in a garage (if not being used for vehicles) so they can still have lots of room to play. Or, you can set up a rabbit friendly room within your home. However, this does still need to provide a similar space size to what they would have outdoors with 24/7 access.

  • Have fun creating some enriched areas for them to enjoy during the winter
  • Provide several grazing trays with quality hay and dried forage for them to graze on
  • Ensure slippery floors have rabbit safe options down to prevent them from injuring themselves
  • Ensure toxic plants, chemicals and wires are secure from inquisitive rabbits
  • Keep the heating off or on low in their room as the dry radiator heat can cause health issues

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