Do-it-yourself dog training

With the right training, you can teach your canine companion lots of new skills – and build a better relationship with them too. We’re here to help you achieve both!

As well as expert-led training classes offered at our centre in Godmanchester, we now have a range of handy videos to help you train your dog from the comfort of your own home. They’re fun, easy to follow, and packed with top tips.

Mastering basic cues: stand, sit, and down

Learn how to teach your dog the essentials through body language, luring, and words. Get these nailed and you’re off to a great start!

How to teach your dog to ‘stay’

With the right techniques (and a few tasty treats), your dog will ‘stay’ in almost any situation.

Off the leash: learning recall

Seen the video of Fenton on the internet? Avoid the same scenario – teach your dog to come back when called.

Getting to grips with the ‘leave’ cue

So you’ve dropped a jar of delicious pasta sauce on the kitchen floor, then your dog walks in. Find out how to teach them to ‘leave’ it, among other things.

Marker words vs clickers: the pros and cons

It’s important to make your dog understand what they’ve done to deserve a treat. We explain how you can do that with marker words and clickers.

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