Make your own: dog activity box

An activity box is a great way of feeding or occupying dogs that need that extra challenge.

You will need:

  • A cardboard box
  • Newspaper
  • 1 Kong or activity ball
  • Plastic bottle
  • A selection of toys (different from the toys normally left out)
  • Long-lasting chew (such as antlers, or pigs ears)

Feel free to pick and choose out what to place in your box out of the list above!


Add the following into your cardboard box:

Newspaper balls

Take small handfuls of dinner biscuits or treats and wrap them in pieces of newspaper.

Filled cardboard tubes

Insert some biscuits in the middle of the tube and stuff the ends with paper or tissue for your dogs to work their way in to. You can also make small holes in the side and wedge treats in for extra fun!

Plastic bottle

Hide dry food and treats inside and watch them work out how to get them out. Make sure the ring and lid are removed.


Soak dinner biscuits in a little water or mix with meat/tinned fish and fill the Kong. Try pushing treats inside to add interest. The same can be done in an activity ball.

Home alone box

Dogs are very sociable animals and many don’t cope being left alone for long hours, so this also works well as a ‘home alone box’, which can be left out for periods of time when your dog is left home alone. You may come home to a bit of cardboard or newspaper mess, but at least you know that your dog has enjoyed being left home alone!

Please note that home alone boxes are there to occupy and distract a dog when home alone, but will not replace human company.

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