How to enclose a garden for my cat

Cats love the outdoors, but if you are looking for peace of mind while they are out, building a ‘catio’ or an enclosed garden will ensure that they can enjoy the outdoors, without being able to leave your garden.

Cat brackets and fences

If you are looking to build your own, we recommend purchasing meshing that is attached to, and propped up by, strong cat fence brackets around the top of your fence, such as these ones, for example.

To hold each bracket up on a typical fence, 6mm wall plugs can be used, with 4.5x15mm screws.

To attach the cat mesh fencing to the brackets, use standard cable ties, which can be found in most DIY stores, or some fences can benefit from using a staple gun. Do not use sparingly, to ensure that the mesh stays up in more severe weathers.

Depending on the size and shape of the garden and neighbouring gardens, careful planting of trees and thick bushes/hedges around the perimeter of the garden can prevent a cat from escaping, but all trees will need to be fenced in with bracketing and mesh, to ensure that your cat does not climb up and out of the garden.

Building a ‘catio’

A catio is a large screened-off section which typically will sit on your patio. Catios can be set up to allow your cat easy access via a window or through a cat flap.

A great example can be found here. It is worth noting that a catio will only allow a cat limited access to the garden, so creating an enclosed garden is preferred if possible to ensure that your cat has more freedom.

Fitting a catio or enclosed garden

If you are not comfortable with putting up a catio or fencing for your cat’s enclosed garden yourself, then there are plenty of companies who will be able to provide this service for you. A few that we recommend are:

If you are still looking for further advice on creating an enclosed garden for your cat, please call us on 0300 303 9333.

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