Make your own: fibrevore Christmas wreath

These festive wreaths are perfect for keeping your fibrevore's teeth and digestive system healthy, and they look great too! You can gift these to your rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, or chinchillas this Christmas.

You will need:

  • A branch of weeping willow
  • Some freshly picked safe forage
  • Some long strands of soft green hay

What to do:

1. Bend the branch of willow into a small/medium circle. Continue to weave the remaining parts of the branch/twigs around the circle until it’s all weaved into a circle.

2. Using fresh forage such as rose, rosemary, herbs, marigolds, blackberry, poke each stem through the gaps in the willow so it’s held in place.

3. Thread some of the hay through any remaining gaps.

4. Attach to the side of your pet’s enclosure.

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