How to socialise your rabbit

Rabbits are inquisitive and adventurous pets who love to have a spacious environment to explore and tasty food to graze on. They are often seen as cute and fluffy, but they come with big characters and a variety of needs – they’re not a pet to be taken lightly.

The weave is an ideal way to encourage natural browsing behaviour. It also encourages stretching and reaching which will help strengthen their backs, keeping them fit and healthy.

What you need:

  • A small amount of garden string or soft garden wire.
  • A bunch of safe wood twigs around 2ft in length, these can be apple, pear, willow, hazel or hawthorn
  • A large pile of fresh forage such as sticky weed, rose or wild dog rose, bramble, hazel and buddleia
  • Gardening gloves


1. Lay one layer of 6 sticks out about 3-inches apart on the ground, then weave in and out of each stick a new stick. Repeat again, keeping them about 3-4 inches apart.

2. Use the string or soft wire to secure the ends. This should then provide you with a strong frame ready to weave the forage through.

3. As it is best to use long strips of forage, some plants may have thorns. This is ok for your pets, but it is advisable for you to wear gloves.

4. Once you have a thick layer of forage and very few gaps visible, your forage weave is ready to be given to your pets. It can be propped up against something or tied to the side of the enclosure.

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