Give Staffies a Chance

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier or 'Staffie' were once renowned for their courage, tolerance and patience with people and children - so much that they earned the nickname 'nanny dog’.

Sadly in recent years, the Staffie’s physical similarities with pit bulls means people are often wrongly frightened of them. Sensationalism in the media leads to people overlooking or avoiding this once loved and treasured breed.

That’s why we launched the ‘Give Staffies a Chance’ campaign. Rehoming centres like ours are seeing significant increases in the numbers of Staffies coming through our doors. If you’re thinking of rehoming a dog, consider rehoming a Staffie – they really do make excellent pets.

Changing public opinion

We carried out a survey to 1,400 people, which revealed that 31% of people wouldn’t own a Staffie because they believe them to be dangerous, unpredictable and intimidating. The reality of owning a Staffie is very different.

What you can expect from owning a Staffie?

Staffies are devoted to their families – adults and children alike – and if you show a Staffie love and affection, you will get double the love back.

Contrary to popular belief, Staffies are surprisingly sensitive. They will crave your attention and companionship and will need a thick warm coat in cold and inclement weather. They want nothing more than to be your faithful best friend.

Training and socialisation

Staffies are extremely intelligent and enjoy learning new commands including sit, stay and heel. They can excel in many different canine disciplines such as obedience, agility, fly ball and rally-o. If they’re socialised from a young age they can be great playmates for other dogs.

Health and exercise

Staffies are strong, athletic, agile and active dogs that require daily walks and a regular routine. They are fun-loving and will happily spend hours playing pulling games or chasing a ball to fulfil their need of hard exercise, so you’ll need plenty of free time and a good supply of toys!

If you’re interested in a giving a Staffie a chance, get in touch.

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