How to house your rabbits

Rabbits are active animals – they love to run, dig, hop and jump. Providing them with spacious housing attached to a secure run will help keep them active, happy and healthy.

The ideal enclosure size for a pair of rabbits

  • Hutch – 6 ft long by 2 ft deep (183 cm by 61 cm). This is suitable for small to medium breed rabbits
  • Shed or wooden Wendy House – 5 ft by 5 ft (153 cm by 153 cm)
  • Exercise run – 10 ft long by 5 ft wide by 3 ft high (305 cm by 153 cm), total space: 60 ft2. This will need to be permanently and securely attached to the hutch or shed allowing your rabbits the choice to move between the two.

Groups will require a bigger space depending on their breed and activity level.

Our video below will help you:

Your rabbits’ hutch

You’ll find many rabbit hutches available in pet stores and online. However, many are very poorly made and often fall apart within the first two years. You should consider investing a little more with a welfare-approved company, where the rabbit hutch is made of strong wood and suitable bolts have been fitted on the doors.

Double-level hutches are not ideal for rabbits. Your rabbits can be at risk of falling down the ramp or floor hole when they are elderly and less mobile. If you choose this option, build a banister along the ramp and around the top-level hole to aid them.

Wooden Wendy Houses or garden sheds can make an ideal home for your rabbits. You can easily convert them with mesh doors and a step-over barrier to stop them escaping. A shed gives your rabbits more floor space, and means it’s easier to socialise with their rabbits whatever the weather.

Whether you’re planning to buy a rabbit hutch or build your own, carry out regular inspections on your rabbits’ accommodation to check for damage from poor weather conditions.

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