Insuring your pet: what you need to know

Vet fees can be very expensive, especially if your pet develops an on-going problem, needs long-term medication, or has a sudden accident. It doesn’t take long for the cost to mount up. Having pet insurance can ease the burden and give you peace of mind.

Giving you peace of mind

All pets homed from Woodgreen come with four weeks of free cover from Petplan, which you can find out more about by contacting us. Beyond that, there’s plenty of options – but which one is right for you? We’re here to help you decide!

Choosing the right cover for you

As with all insurance, premiums can vary significantly, as can what is covered. Make sure you shop around and read the small print carefully. For example, some companies will pay the vet directly but others will require you to pay them and will then reimburse you – this can be quite an expensive way of making a claim.

Most companies will not provide cover for any pre-existing conditions and there will be an excess to pay on claims you make. Each company will often have several levels of insurance, that will vary, but the following is a rough guide:

12-month cover

This will cover your pet for an accident or illness for a 12 month period up to a set amount (e.g. £3,000) per condition. If you make a claim for a condition within this time you will no longer be able to make a further claim for the same condition once the 12 months has expired. This type of policy is useful if you own an older pet, or one with several pre-existing conditions, that would not be covered anyway. Also, if you can’t afford a higher premium, some cover is better than none.

Lifetime cover

This will provide cover for ongoing illnesses throughout your pet’s life, provided you don’t take a break in your cover, up to a set amount each policy year (e.g. £4000-£7000). Third-party liability insurance will be included here. This type of policy means you can claim for the same problem more than once.

Top lifetime cover

Some companies offer a ‘premium’ lifetime cover that offers the same benefits as the standard cover but with a higher claim amount (e.g. up to £14,000).

Third party insurance

Some companies offer stand-alone third party insurance, which covers veterinary costs and legal cover if your pet causes an accident or attacks another animal.

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