An introduction to gerbils

Gerbils are fascinating pets. A lot can be learnt from sitting, watching them in their maze of tunnels.

They enjoy living in family groups and will spend hours grooming and foraging together. Although these energetic little mammals are not keen on being handled, they can still make a lovely and interesting addition to any family.

Fast Facts:

Companionship: Gerbils really do prefer the company of their own kind and are most happy living in small same sex family groups.

Life expectancy: Gerbils can live up to 3-5 years.

Accomodation: Gerbils are best housed in a large fish tank or an Ikea detolf display cabinet as they prefer to live underground so need the ability to dig deep.

The ideal size tank for a pair or small group of gerbils is 100cm wide by 30cm deep by 30cm high. This will require a mesh lid constructing to keep them secure and well ventilated.

Diet: Gerbils are omnivores, they require a well balance diet of seeds, grains, pulses and meat sources.

Health: Gerbils are generally quite healthy animals. Often most illness comes with old age or poor husbandry. Always carry out a health check on your gerbils each week to monitor for any changes in their behaviour, movement, toileting and general appearance.

Family friendly: Gerbils rarely enjoy being handled so do suit a family who are happy to watch them over trying to handle.

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