An introduction to guinea pigs

Guinea pigs have been a firm favourite as a family pet for many years now. They are sociable creatures who depend on the companionship of their own kind but also enjoy interacting with their human owners.

Your home will never be quiet again and opening the fridge door or rustling a bag will achieve as much excitement from your guinea pigs as saying “walkies” to a dog! These lovable and charming little animals can make perfect pets for most families

These fast facts will help you to answer the question “are guinea pigs the right pet for me?”


Fast facts

Guinea pig companionship

Guinea pigs need to live with a guinea pig companion to help them feel safe and happy. The best mixes are 2 males, 2 females or a neutered male with one or more females.

Life expectancy for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs can live for 6-8 yrs+.

Accommodation for guinea pigs 

Guinea pigs can live indoors or outside; they enjoy having plenty of time on the grass grazing during ‘good weather days.

The ideal accommodation should consist of a 5ft by 2ft (153cm by 61cm) hutch or indoor cage and a 6ft long by 4ft wide by 18 inches high (182cm by 153 cm) run with a lid for the grass.

Here is some more advice about guinea pig accommodation.

Food for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are herbivores, their diet needs to be 85% hay/Grass, 5% pellets, 10% vegetables and safe plants with fresh drinking water always available. For advice on foraging, click here.

Guinea pig health

Guinea pigs require their nails to be trimmed regularly & their teeth to be monitored for dental disease. They should also be bathed at least twice a year to help prevent common skin conditions and parasites. For more tips on how to health check your guinea pigs, click here.

Are guinea pigs family-friendly?

Guinea pigs can make lovely pets for all the family; slightly older guinea pigs are often more suited to families with younger children as they are larger and more relaxed about being handled and interacted with.

Looking for more advice?

If you have any questions about your pet, please don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice and support.

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