An introduction to rabbits

Rabbits are inquisitive and adventurous pets. They love a spacious environment to explore, a rabbit friend for company, and tasty food to graze on.  

Often seen as cute and fluffy, rabbits come with big characters and a variety of needs. They’re social animals, with the best combination being a neutered male and female pair. This means you should think carefully before taking rabbits on as pets.

Although they do not enjoy being handled, with time and patience rabbits can bond very closely with people. Then they’ll often choose to hop up for a tasty treat or a chin rub hello.

If you’re thinking of getting pet rabbits, we have the essential information you’ll need to help make that decision a little easier.

Fast facts:

Rabbit companionship

Rabbits need to live with a neutered rabbit companion to help them feel safe and happy. The best mix is a neutered male & female.

Life expectancy for rabbits

Rabbits can live for 8-12 yrs+

Accommodation for rabbits

Rabbits need lots of space to keep them fit, healthy and happy. The ideal size is a 6ft by 2ft (183cm by 61cm) rabbit hutch or shed, with a 10ft long by 5ft wide by 3ft high (305cm by 153 cm) run attached.

Food for rabbits

Rabbits are herbivores. Their diet should be 85% hay/ grass, 5% pellets, 10% vegetables and safe plants, with fresh drinking water always available.

Rabbit health

Rabbits need two sets of vaccinations every year to protect them from Myxomatosis & RVHD 1&2. Their nails should be trimmed regularly & their teeth monitored for dental disease.

Are rabbits family-friendly?

Rabbits enjoy the companionship of humans and can become very affectionate and enjoy taking tasty fresh forage from your hands.

Things to watch out for

However, rabbits do not enjoy being handled and are likely to kick and scratch if you try. They can also find loud noises and sudden movement scary. Therefore, they’re often suited to families with slightly older children who are happy to allow the rabbits to settle in their own time.

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