Caring for your pet after you've gone

Have you considered what will happen if your pet outlives you? Woodgreen can help

Why choose Woodgreen’s Pet Promise?

The best animal facilities

All the pets who come to Woodgreen stay at our animal centres or are fostered while they’re waiting to be rehomed. Every animal we care for enjoys a life full of fun engaging activities. They have an indoor space of their own so they feel safe and secure – and access to outdoor areas where they can play and exercise. Our facilities

The best forever home

No-one can ever replace the special bond you have with your pet. But we’ll strive to find a family who will care deeply about your pet and build their own unique relationship with them. However long it takes, we promise to look after your pet until that perfect home is found.

The best loving care

From our veterinary surgeons and nurses to our behavioural experts and caring volunteers, everyone at Woodgreen has your pet’s best interests at heart. Big or small. Young or old. Healthy or poorly. We’ll give them love and care, whether it’s a gentle stroke or expert nursing.

What makes your pet tick?

We want your pet to be content, so if they love squeaky toys, we’ll provide them. If they thrive on long walks, we’ll take them. If they have a favourite tickle spot, we’ll find it! Just let us know what makes them happy. And if there’s something they don’t like, please tell us too.

Creature comforts for your pet

When the sun shines, we’ll make sure your pet has shade and stays cool. When the temperature drops, we’ll keep them warm. We’ll give them a nice, snug bed – and plenty of space to exercise as well. At all times, we’ll do everything we can to give them a sense of security and wellbeing.

Veterinary care when it’s needed

Our veterinary teams will help your pet stay fit, active and healthy. And should your pet become poorly at any time, we will provide the expert care, comfort and treatment they need.

Make a special promise to your pet: register for pet promise

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