Can my pets eat pumpkin?

Pumpkin is a regular staple of Autumn for many people.

Whether you are purchasing in a supermarket or farmers shop, or picking your own at a pumpkin picking field, many pet owners are not aware that pets can enjoy them too! Check below to see if pumpkin is safe for your pet.

What are the benefits of consuming pumpkin?

Pumpkin is packed full of vitamins A, C, E, and B, as well as minerals and fibre. In small amounts, pumpkin can help your pet to maintain a healthy digestive system, as well as act as an accompaniment to a healthy diet.

What pets can eat pumpkin?

Small pets

  • Gerbils can eat both the pumpkin and the seeds in moderation/small amounts.
  • Rabbits can eat fresh pumpkin in moderation/small amounts.
  • Rats, mice and hamsters can eat both the pumpkin and the seeds in moderation, and can also be fed some squashes too. Please note that hamsters should only be fed a portion the size of their ear, and seeds should be fed sparingly.
  • Degus, chinchillas, hedgehogs and guinea pigs should not be fed any pumpkin or pumpkin seeds at all.

Outdoor pets

Pigs, sheep, geese, ducks, goats and chickens can all eat fresh pumpkins. Break or smash them open and leave them in their enclosure for these pets to peck or munch on.

Remember, it is illegal to feed any kitchen scraps to these animals, so make sure you are not feeding them leftovers from carved pumpkins or pumpkins that have been prepared in any way in a kitchen.


Pumpkin is a tasty and healthy treat for dogs. It is full of fibre, so can be great for upset stomachs. We recommend that you only give your dog around 4-5 tablespoons a couple of times a week for a medium sized dog, as it could cause constipation.

For Kongs, you can mix it with natural yogurt, dog meat or other fruit and veg to your dog’s taste.

The pumpkin should always be fresh and dogs cannot have the rind, stem or pulp, as it may cause intestinal blockages.


Tinned pumpkin is good for cats digestive system, but in moderation – too much can cause diarrhoea.

Fresh pumpkin is good for cats to consume in small amounts – they’ll love it cut up in chunks and steamed. As it is high in fibre, it can help to keep their stomachs healthy.

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Looking for more advice?

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