The right exercise for your dog

All dogs need regular exercise to keep them happy, healthy and content. But how do you know you’re giving your dog the right type of exercise for them? Here’s what you need to know.

Careful exercising for puppies and dogs

If you have a puppy, gradually build up the amount of their exercise until they’re a year old. If your puppy is a large breed, don’t over exercise them as this may cause health problems.

Make sure you train your dog to return to you confidently before you let them run off the lead.

Fun exercising for dogs

The type and amount of exercise your dog needs depends on their breed and their age.

Young and middle aged dogs need two to five periods of activity and exercise daily. Elderly dogs often enjoy a short walk twice a day – regular but not strenuous exercise helps keeps mature dogs fit and well.

Dogs bred for herding like collies and German Shepherds need to have something to chase like a ball or Frisbee. Retrievers and spaniels love to play hide and seek with toys on walks and bring them back to you.

Terriers love to explore different places and smells on their walks and may like a dig tray or sand pit in the garden that they can explore.

Dogs can get bored if they’re taken on the same walks and routines every day. Try introducing different games and training sessions while exercising your dog to keep their walks fun and interesting.

Safe exercising for dogs

Make sure your dog has a correctly fitted collar with tag and is microchipped – that way they can be identified if they ever get lost while you’re out.

If your dog pulls on their lead, consider using a dog harness or head collar instead of a standard lead – this will give you extra control when you’re walking.

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