What should you feed your ducks and geese

Here we explain what you should feed your ducks and geese to help your feathered friends lead happy and healthy lives.

You should feed your ducks and geese a natural and varied diet of fresh grass, fruit and vegetables. This will help your feathered friends lead happy and healthy lives.


Ducks enjoy spending a lot of time on the water sieving out tasty treats and food. They also enjoy being able to graze on grass especially when it has been raining and the grass is damp.

For their daily feed, provide your ducks with age appropriate floating duck pellets in a large tray of water. Do not place it in the pond area as this will cause the water to become mucky very quickly.

Feed your ducks fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Some firm favourites include: watermelon, peas, chopped dandelion leaves, sweet corn watercress, leafy greens and melon.


Geese should be free to graze on short grass all day. It makes up the main bulk of their diet. They particularly enjoy fresh grass shoots. If they have limited access to grass space, they can be topped up with some wheat. Make up 200g worth in a bucket of water every day and this should be sufficient.

Just like ducks, geese also enjoy fresh vegetables similar to what is listed above.  Make sure you provide a large bucket of fresh water suited to their height. Always try to protect the water from wild birds to reduce any risk of disease.

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