What to do about your dog barking

Dogs are sociable creatures who enjoy the companionship of people or other animals.

Some dogs find being left home alone very difficult to cope with. One sign that a dog is unhappy about being left is barking.

Dogs bark when they are left at home on their own for numerous reasons:

  • Boredom – being left home alone for long periods of time with nothing to do would make us look for some sort of entertainment and dogs are no different.
  • Anxiety – some dogs become so attached to their owners that when they are left home alone they start to panic. Barking and howling is your dog’s way of trying to call you back
  • Frustration – some dogs find that being able to see other dogs or even people through glass doors or windows is very frustrating; this in turn can make them bark
  • External factors – being able to see and hear things that go on in everyday life can make your dog bark, especially if they’re a guarding breed or very sound sensitive breed such as terriers or collies.

How to stop your dog from barking

Giving a dog something to do whilst it is left home alone is very important. Here are some examples:

  • Pacifier toys such a kongs, activity balls and buster cubes that can be filled with food.
  • Some dogs enjoy ripping things up so giving them an old cardboard box with treats in to shred in their owners absence can also be a good idea.

For dogs that bark at things that they can see and hear, pull the curtains shut and leave the TV or radio on to drown out any external sounds that may cause your dog to bark.

In some cases, you may want to borrow a friend’s dog to see if canine companionship helps to keep your dog quiet.

Training not punishment

Don’t be tempted to punish your dog for barking, this will only make matters worse. Some people have tried special muzzles on their dogs to help keep them quiet, this is not recommended as your dog could either overheat or choke to death on its own vomit if left unattended whilst wearing a muzzle.

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