What to do if your cat goes missing

It can be a very worrying time if your cat goes missing. But don’t panic, here are five things you can do to help you find your cat

  1. Immediately report your missing cat to as many animal welfare organisations, and animal reunite websites as possible. Many people leave it for a couple of weeks before reporting a missing cat, but your cat could have already been brought into a rehoming centre and rehomed in this time. If no microchip is found, rehoming centres are not required by law to keep a cat for any longer than seven days, before finding it a new home
  2. Ask your neighbours to check their sheds, gardens, garages or greenhouses for signs of your cat if safe to do so. Give them a full description of your cat, and a photograph if possible
  3. Put up posters with vital contact details, a photo and go door to door to find out if there have been any sightings of your cat
  4. If there are no sightings of your cat, report it missing to
  5. If your cat is microchipped, inform the microchip company, this is usually Petlog. Ensure that you update any information that may have changed and tell them your cat is missing, please have your cat’s microchip number to hand before ringing.

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