What should I do if my dog goes missing?

Losing your dog is very upsetting. But don’t panic, there are many constructive things you can do to help find them.

  • Report your dog as missing to your local authority dog warden as soon as possible, they’ll have records of found strays in their area. It is a legal requirement to report that you have found a dog.
  • If your dog is microchipped, inform the microchip company, this is usually Petlog. Ensure that you update any information that may have changed, and tell them your dog is missing. Please have your dog’s microchip number to hand before ringing. Reporting your dog as missing can help to reunite you to your dog even in the future.
  • Report your dog as missing to all rescue centres in the local area, and in a wider area depending on how long it has been missing. Keep in regular contact with them. Call our team or email them to check if we have your dog.
  • Register your dog on Dog Lost. This is a free volunteer-based online service which has helped reunite many dogs to their owners.
  • Register your dog on Animal Search UK. It is the UK’s largest missing pet organisation.
  • Report your dog lost to all veterinary surgeries in the area and keep in regular contact with them.
  • Put up posters with your contact details and go door-to-door to find out if there have been any sightings of your dog. You could also use local social media pages to share photos and ask if anyone has seen your dog.
  • Keep looking on missing dog websites to make sure there are no reports of your dog.

How to prevent your dog from going missing

If you’re concerned that your dog may go missing in the future, here are some preventative tips.

  • Keep your dog’s microchip details current, if you move house remember to update the records, this is a legal requirement.
  • It is also a legal requirement for your dog to wear identification in public places. The collar or the tag/badge attached to it must have the name and address of the owner on it, and we strongly recommend a contact number to be included too.
  • You should not let your dog off the lead until you have built up a good enough recall and know you will have control of them in public places.
  • You should make sure that your garden is fully secure: dogs can be clever escape artists!
  • Get your dog neutered. Females act different when in season, and more likely to stray. Males can stray when they want to reach females in season.

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