Guinea pigs and Covid-19

Even though we're in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, your guinea pigs won't know what’s going on in the big wide world.

Can my guinea pigs pass on coronavirus?

It’s unlikely that your guinea pigs will catch coronavirus. But if they do, generally their symptoms will be mild, and they’ll be better in a few days. There is no evidence to suggest that humans can catch Covid-19 from small pets including guinea pigs, and you cannot infect them with it either.

Taking care of your guinea pigs

If you own guinea pigs and you’re concerned about not being able to pick up their usual food and vegetables from the shop due to reduced stock, you can forage for plants yourself: here’s a list of what you can forage for.

Other things to consider

  • Stock up on food and medication for your guinea pigs, in case you have to self-isolate and can’t leave the house for a while.
  • When your cleaning out your guinea pig’s accommodation, make sure you keep the area you’re in well ventilated and wear a mask to make sure dusty bedding doesn’t aggravate any symptoms you might be experiencing.
  • Make yourself aware of your veterinary practice’s availability, so you can be prepared if you need to visit them. Join their Facebook page, or check their website for the most up-to-date advice.
  • Always wash your hands after handling your guinea pigs!

Read the latest UK government advice for pet owners and COVID-19 

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