Turning Autumn's life around

Meet Autumn, a gorgeous four-year-old Saluki living her best life. Sadly though, this wasn’t always the case.

In 2019, Autumn was found straying by a dog warden. Her appearance at the time was shocking. She had a horrendous skin condition with patches of hair missing, as well as inflamed ears and paws. This poorly girl really needed urgent care and safe shelter. And that’s what she got when she was brought to Woodgreen.

Little was known about Autumn’s past upon being found. Unfortunately, this is the case far too often with dogs like her. A full health check by our Veterinary Team enabled us to get a clearer picture of her health. Autumn was treated with twice-weekly baths and medication. Over the course of a few weeks this started to make a difference. But it wasn’t the only challenge that she faced on her road to recovery and finding a loving home. She needed training, and lots of it. So our Behavioural and Training Specialists put together a plan. This included teaching her to focus on her handlers around traffic, as Autumn had a worrying tendency to try to chase cars. She also needed to learn basic good manners and how to be calm when meeting people. All this helped her get her excitable nature under better control.

Autumn now

A lively type with a boundless amount of energy, she needed an owner who could not only keep up with her but also continue her training. After two false starts she found her forever home with adoring new owner Meghann, who tells us: “Autumn is very much a loved part of our family now. She has loads of friends and is a happy, cheeky dog!”