Help Keep Your Dog Relaxed and Content when Home Alone

Mon, 08 Aug 2022 at 7:30 pm

1 hour


Does your dog struggle when they’re left on their own? Join us for a talk all about separation anxiety and tips on how to help your dog cope (live Zoom event).

Dogs love spending time with their favourite human companions, but there are times we might need to pop to the shops or go to work and leave our furry pals at home. Sometimes this can result in barking, howling and undesirable behaviours including toileting and destruction.

Hosted by one of our Behaviour and Training Specialists, in this workshop, we’ll take you through the problems you might face with a dog who struggles on their own, preventions, and how to help them cope.

Whether you already own a dog and looking for advice, or you recently welcomed a new dog in the home, this workshop is packed full of useful tips for you to put into practice at home.

Please note: This event will be recorded. Your cameras will automatically be turned off when you join the event. We will not be able to see you and you will not appear on the recording.

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