Do you have hypoallergenic dogs for rehoming?

As a pet rescue charity, we can’t predict which dogs come to us for rehoming. In the past, we have occasionally rehomed dog breeds associated with being good for people with allergies. But it is unusual, and if you are looking for a specific type of dog, it will take much longer for us to match one to your needs.

When looking for a hypoallergenic dog, it’s important to remember that one person’s allergies can vary greatly from another. An allergy towards dogs is not always caused by their fur and can actually be caused by saliva or dander (skin flakes).

Even a breed who is considered to shed very little could result in a reaction. If you have an allergy towards dogs, speak to your doctor first as they can offer advice specific to you that may help. If you have an allergy to dogs, you should spend a significant amount of time with a dog before you adopt or buy them, to see whether or not this interaction causes a reaction.

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