How much does it cost to adopt a small pet?

It depends on the type of pet. We’ve laid out the costs for each animal below:

Rabbits: £40 single/ £75 pair

Ferrets: £30 each

This includes:

  • neutering (if needed)
  • their vaccinations
  • microchipping, so they can be easily identified

For rabbits this fee also includes four weeks’ free Petplan insurance.

Guinea pigs: £25 single/ £40 pair

Chinchillas: £40 single/ £75 pair

Degus: £15 single/ £20 pair

Chickens: £5 each

Small cockerels: £5 each

Large cockerels: £10 each

Ducks: £10 each

Geese: £10 each

Rats: £15 each/ Trio of rats £37.50 (plus £7.50 per additional rat if you adopt more than three)

Hamsters: £10 each

Gerbils: £10 each

Mice: £10 each/ Trio of mice £25 (plus £5 per additional mouse if you adopt more than three)

Once you’ve rehomed a pet, we’ll carry on supporting you with their behaviour for the rest of their life. We also provide lots of advice about caring for your other pets.

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