How do I adopt a dog?

It’s great you’re thinking of adopting a dog and giving them a second chance at happiness. It’s a big commitment, but Woodgreen can help you prepare.

Our dog adoption application is entirely online. We don’t allow members of the public to visit our dogs, but if you are matched with a dog, you will be able to meet them as part of the rehoming process.

Many rescue dogs come to us with complex, ongoing needs; whether that’s down to a medical condition or their behaviour. When they’re ready to go to a new home, rescue dogs need extra special care and attention from the new owner.

That’s why Woodgreen take time to carefully review each application we receive with the needs of the dogs in our care, before we decide if there’s a match.

Finding a suitable owner for a dog can take from two weeks to several months, especially for applicants who want a specific dog, or a dog with particular characteristics.

Only when we’ve found a match will we invite you to visit our Welcome Centre in Cambridgeshire, when you can come and meet the dog for yourself.

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