Where can I rehome a small pet from?

We understand it can be tricky to know where to look for small pets.

There are various options including rehoming from a rescue centre, purchasing or rehoming from a pet shop, buying from a breeder, or buying through a private sale (online or through someone you know). We recommend this article about buying a pet.

Wherever you get your new pet/s from, we suggest that you consult our small pet health check advice articles. This information will help to ensure you are getting a healthy pet.

It is always advisable to take your new pet/s to a local vet as soon as possible and register them. Your vet can then give them a full health check to give you peace of mind, as well double check that the gender/s of your pet/s are what you expected. This helps avoid any unplanned litters too!

When enquiring about a pet from another organisation or individual, if something does not feel right or your questions aren’t answered then we strongly advise that you do not rehome the pet.

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