Looking for a pet?

Wood Green have lots of pets waiting for loving new homes. Everything from dogs, cats and rabbits to guinea pigs and chickens. To begin your search for the perfect pet, we’ll need a few details about you. Ready to get started? A beautiful friendship could be just around the corner!

If you would rather have a look at what pets we currently have at Wood Green before taking the next step, choose a species below to find out more.

How rehoming works

All of our animals waiting to be rehomed have been given a thorough health check and all of the medical treatment they need. We will help you get your home ready for your new pet and offer you a lifetime of support.

Discover more about rehoming
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Pets looking for a loving home


Terrier (Staffordshire Bull)/Bulldog (American)

2 years 4 months


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3 years 8 months


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Netherland Dwarf

2 years 11 months


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Alaskan Malamute

8 years 8 months


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Fostering a pet

Opening your home to a short-term foster pet while they wait for their new homes, gives them the very best start to their new life.