Wood Green partnered with Breakthrough in 2016 and they’ve been helping us keep our four-legged friends happy and healthy ever since, thanks to their fantastic range of ‘revolutionary’ dog food.

Breakthrough’s specially formulated products can make a real difference to a dog’s behaviour, with amino acids and vitamins that help overcome stress. We’re no strangers to ‘difficult’ dogs who have complex needs, from excessive barking to reactivity around other canines and humans. Twice a year, we receive Breakthrough food donations worth over £1,300. These products play a vital role in the care we provide for homeless dogs waiting for their perfect match.

The generous food donations we receive ensure our dogs are fed a nutritionally complete diet that supports their overall wellbeing, including those with complex needs.” Ciara, Dog Section Manager at Wood Green.

Pancake's transformation

Pancake, a two-year-old Greyhound, is a recent Wood Green resident who benefitted from Breakthrough’s products. She had a number of behavioural issues including reactivity and resource guarding (aggressively protecting possessions).

As part of her training programme she was put on a special Breakthrough diet. Over time, she made great strides in her behaviour and today she’s flourishing in a loving new home.


About Breakthrough

Breakthrough is a joint venture between Val Strong and OSCAR Pet Foods Ltd. Both share a passion for animal welfare and behaviour, nutrition and responsible pet care. The brand is a result of Val’s lifetime of study and research into diet and behaviour. The unique formula, based on gluten-free potato and sweet potato, provides everything a dog needs. Learn more about Breakthrough and their products here.

''We are delighted to have formed a long-term partnership with Wood Green by providing Breakthrough food to support the dogs in their care. A recent trial provided some encouraging results, and staff were delighted to see dogs who struggled to find a home before, quickly find loving new owners.” - Val Strong MSc, Founder of Breakthrough Dog Food.

Want to partner with us and help pets in need?

If you’re interested in becoming a corporate partner of Wood Green, and helping us to care for thousands of homeless pets every year, please get in touch with our friendly team.