The Green Room: a Wood Green podcast


Wood Green, The Animals Charity is excited to bring you its first ever podcast – all about pets!

Go behind the scenes with our passionate colleagues for a unique insight into what we do, and the huge difference it makes to pets and people.
Plus, hear from our experts who take the lead on pet advice – getting under the skin of the topics you want to hear about.

If you watched Channel 4’s The Dog House, you might recognise a few familiar faces!


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Step into The Green Room


Episode 18 - Christmas special

Tune into the last episode of The Green Room for 2020, where we’re talking all about Christmas and looking back at some of the highlights of this extraordinary year!

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Episode one - The Dog House

Wood Green hit TV screens in Channel 4’s The Dog House last year. The programme raised awareness of our work in a way we’ve never been able to before. We look back on this incredible opportunity.

Watch episode one

Episode three - How we find dogs the perfect home

Discover how we give dogs a second chance, from the moment they arrive to matching them with the right owner.

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Episode two - Buying and selling pets online

We explore the pros and cons, focusing on dogs, and discuss the popular ‘adopt or shop’ debate.

Watch episode two

Episode four - Pet phobias part one

What causes a pet phobia? What are some of the most unique examples we have seen at Wood Green? Learn more about this fascinating topic!

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Episode five - Pet phobias part two

In part two we explore the topic of pet phobias further, share some useful techniques that can help people overcome them, and talk more about the advice and support we offer.

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Episode six - Cats vs. dogs

Whether you’re thinking about getting a cat or dog, or simply want to learn more about them, this lively discussion between our experts is something you cannot miss! 

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Episode seven - Helping stray animals

What are the reasons behind an animal becoming a stray? And how do we help them? Find out about the steps we take to get them back on their paws.

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Episode eight - coronavirus – part 1: how it’s impacting Wood Green

Our dedicated teams are pulling together to ensure pets and people keep on getting the support they need during this difficult time. Find out how we’ve had to adapt – and what you can do to help.

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Episode nine - coronavirus - part 2: caring for pets in lockdown

What effect is isolation having on pets and their owner’s ability to care for them? Our experts give advice on how to look after their health and wellbeing, plus what to think about if you’ve recently got a new pet. Advice is based on scientific evidence available at the time of recording.

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Episode 10 – Wood Green’s outreach work, part 1: what we do

Wood Green’s outreach team are a lifeline for many people in the community. Find out about the support we provide, and why it’s needed now more than ever.

Watch episode ten

Episode 11 – Wood Green’s outreach work, part 2: overcoming challenges of the pandemic

How we’ve continued supporting people in the community at this difficult time, and some amusing anecdotes for good measure!

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Episode 12 – Do-it-yourself-fundraising in the COVID-19 era

Fundraising is difficult in these times of social distancing, but it’s not impossible. We chat through the challenges and new opportunities, as well as fun ways you can get involved!

Watch episode twelve

Episode 13 - Keeping your pet happy with enrichment, part 1: small animals

There are lots of fun and easy ways you can enrich your pet’s life, and some won’t even cost you a penny! Find out more about why it’s so important and get plenty of top tips for small animals in this first episode of a mini-series.

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Episode 14 - Keeping your pet happy with enrichment, part two: cats

In this fascinating episode, discover more about the benefits of enrichment and how it can help our feline friends!

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Episode 15 - Keeping your pet happy with enrichment, part 3: dogs

Last but not least in this enrichment mini-series is an episode dedicated to dogs, as our experts take the lead on fun ways to give them a happy, fulfilling life.

Watch episode 15

Episode 16 – Behind the scenes with our Veterinary Team

Ever wanted to know more about the life-changing veterinary care we provide at Wood Green? In this episode, two members of the team reveal all!

Watch episode 16

Episode 17 - Fabulous ferrets

Ever wanted to know more about ferrets? In this episode of #TheGreenRoom, we’re talking about why they’re so fabulous and what makes them great pets!

Watch episode 17

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