Help save more pets

Your gift will help more pets like Charlie

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Help save more pets

Your gift will help more pets like Charlie


Thank you so much for your interest in little Charlie's case, and in our work saving pets in urgent need of medical care.

Charlie had a seriously broken leg and a dangerous infection, but thanks to the prompt actions of our expert medical team, his life was saved.

Last year we provided medical care to over 4,000 animals. It's only thanks to the generosity of people like you that we could. However we need your support more than ever.

The cost of providing the expert care, drugs and facilities that saved Charlie are significant and coronavirus has had a huge impact on our pets and our ability to raise the money needed to save them.

Please can you support us in these tough times?

A nasty open wound

Charlie came to us with a painful open wound that was so seriously infected it threatened his young life. We took the difficult decision to amputate his leg as it was the best way of saving him and getting him mobile again.

One of our fosterers nursed the cuddly little chap back to health before he found a loving new home. 

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The impact of coronavirus on pets in our care 

Like everyone, the current situation has had an enormous effect on the pets in our care, and the people looking after them.

Operations and vital treatment have been delayed because vets, nurses, fosterers and volunteers could not work as normal.

We've had to shelter pets for longer due to lockdown, and also cancel all fundraising events.

Reports suggest up to 40,000 dogs could be abandoned as owners struggle to cope (Source: Dogs Trust), and 84,000 extra kittens could be born due to limited neutering during lockdown (Source: Cats Protection), so we expect to take many more animals into our care.

If you can, please donate today as it will make a real difference to pets like little Charlie.