An introduction to rats

Owning pet rats can be one of the most rewarding things as they are so much fun and very lovable. 

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Owning pet rats can be one of the most rewarding things as they are so much fun and very lovable. 

They are busy little creatures who love to explore and learn from you and their surroundings. They have their own loveable characters and really can become very bonded to their human family. Female rats love to get up to mischief and spend hours exploring, whereas the males will be very content with a cuddle on the sofa. If you are thinking of taking on your first family pet, wanting a species that will enjoy interacting with you and will eagerly await your return each day then rats are for you! Read the facts below for more details that will help you decide.  

Fast Facts: 

Companionship:  Rats need the companionship of their own kind to keep them happy and healthy. They should be kept in same sex pairs, small groups or a castrated male to one or more females.  

Life expectancy: Rats can live up between 2-3 years 

Accomodation: Rats need to be housed in a large cage filled with suitable enrichment to keep them interested and active. The ideal size cage for 2-3 rats is: 80cm depth, 50cm width, 80cm height. For 10 rats, the size should be: 123cm by 63cm by 93cm.

Diet: Rats are omnivores and should be fed a home-made, well-balanced diet of mixed seeds, grains, meat and vegetable sources.  

Health: It is important that rats are provided with a quality diet as this can have a big effect on your pet rat's overall health and condition. Rats can be prone to breathing issues and occasionally parasites so choosing the right bedding is also very important. Also locate a rat savvy vet to be on hand should your rats need veterinary attention.  

Family friendly: Rats make excellent pets for all the family; they are inquisitive and affectionate and love to come out and play.   

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