Can rabbits live indoors?

Rabbits can live indoors. However, consider this very carefully as it can have quite an impact on your home.

Your rabbits will still need as much space as they would outside. To achieve this, a minimum of one standard-sized room will need to be converted into their living quarters.


Things to consider with indoor rabbits

  • A baby gate or something similar to keep them secure in the room but enable them to see what’s going on
  • If the floor is not carpet, consider rugs or plenty of ‘hop to’ areas as slippery flooring can cause muscle wastage or back damage
  • The room will require natural sunlight and remain a steady, comfortable room temperature that will aid their natural twice-a-year moult
  • All electrical wires or plastic water pipes will need protecting from being chewed
  • All household plants will need to be removed
  • Prove lots of toys and activities like dig trays, litter trays and items for them to hop on to and run through
  • Be prepared for chewing of furniture, faeces and urine stains on flooring.