How to give your dog a bath

Bathing your dog can help keep their coat healthy and stop them from becoming stinky! Unless you’re told to by a vet, don’t give your dog a bath too often as you will remove the natural oils from the skin which help in waterproofing and insulation.


Top bathing tips

  • Always use a dog shampoo as human shampoo can damage the dogs coat and skin
  • Use a non-slip mat on the bottom of the bath to prevent your dog from slipping and sliding
  • Use lukewarm water and ensure you wet the coat thoroughly before adding the shampoo
  • Start shampooing the back and neck area then move on to the tail and bottom, then the legs and feet. Lastly wash the head area. Try to avoid getting shampoo into the dog’s eyes
  • Let your dog become accustomed to the noise of a hairdryer before using it on him and keep it on a cool heat

Finally, have treats available for your dog to help make the whole experience a more positive one. Happy bathing!