Lennox and Luna

Settling in
  • Domestic Short Hair
  • 4 years / 4 years 5 months
  • Male
  • Admitted April 2022
  • Ref:145334

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Additional information

Lennox and Luna came in as a pair and are looking for a home together. Lennox is a nervous boy so would probably be happiest just living with Luna and not with other cats. They have never lived with a dog, given Lennox's nervous nature he may not be happy to live with a dog. They could however live with securely housed small pets.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

A quiet, adult only home would be best for this pair as Lennox is very timid. Older, calm teenagers should be fine. Lennox may take a few weeks to come out of his shell and enjoy his new owner’s company. Once he’s gained his confidence he’s happy to potter around with Luna and enjoys human company, but likes to have access to his safe hiding places when worried. Luna is more confident and comes out for fuss and attention fairly quickly.

What type of environment would suit me?

This pair have always been indoor cats so are not used to roads or the great outdoors. Lennox in particular is likely not to cope in a busy environment. So they would like a very quiet area with little or no traffic. They would also need access to a safe, contained garden if they want to explore. Lennox may prefer to stay indoors but he would benefit from the opportunity to explore outside if and when he is ready, but being a timid boy he will need to be able to come back indoors easily if he needs to.

About Lennox and Luna

Meet Lennox and Luna, a lovely pair who are looking for a home together. Luna is the more confident of the two and enjoys a fuss when she's settled. Lennox can be a timid, worried boy who likes to have safe hiding places when he needs them. Lennox in particular would like a quiet home, with owners who are willing to be patient and calm with him and are happy for him to come out in his own time. Once he’s feeling safe and relaxed, he is a sweet boy who enjoys company and likes playtime, and his heart can be won by a treat or two and a game of feather toy! Luna is confident and curious and will enjoy exploring her new home and checking everything out thoroughly. She enjoys a fuss and lots of attention.

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