Oat, Almond & Soya

Settling in
  • Mini Lop
  • 3 months
  • Male
  • Admitted March 2022
  • Ref:144330

Who I can live with

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Additional information

Rabbits will need to be housed securely away from any other pets in the home.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

Rabbits do enjoy the companionship of humans and can become very affectionate and enjoy taking tasty fresh forage from your hands. Rabbits do not enjoy being handled and they can find loud noises and sudden movement scary, so they are often suited to families with slightly older children.

What type of environment would suit me?

Being a trio, Oat, Almond and Soya are looking for a large home consisting of a shed or wendy house attached to a large secure run to give them the space they need.

About Oat, Almond & Soya

Soya is looking for his forever home with his sisters, Oat and Almond. They are a friendly and inquisitive trio who love to spend their time together, snuggled into a hide or sitting in their hay basket to watch what's going on around them. If you can offer this trio the forever home they are looking for, please complete our online registration form below.

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