Ongoing support
  • Chihuahua cross
  • 2 years
  • Female
  • Admitted March 2022
  • Ref:140887

Zara is looking for a quite home, with a family who can build her confidence.

Support and Health

How much training will I need?

Ongoing support

Zara is looking for a quite home, with a family who can build her confidence.

Can I be left alone?


Zara need further training before she can be left on her own and is not fully housetrained.

Do I have any medical conditions?


Who I can live with

Can I live with dogs?


Can I live with cats?


Can I live with small pets?


Additional information

Zara prefers not to interact with other dogs and should be avoided on walks, allowing her to feel more confident to explore and have fun.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

Zara is looking for an adult only home, ideally no more than 3 adults in the home and with no young visiting children. She's looking for a quiet home as she's worried around stranger and can find it quite stressful when new people are coming and going.

What type of environment would suit me?

Zara would love to live in a quiet area away where there is minimal people and traffic due to her worried nature.
She would love a private, secure, 6ft fenced garden to call her own, allowing her some freedom off lead in a secure place. Zara can be walked on a longline to allow her explore and play with toys, we do not recommend that she let off lead.

About Zara

Zara is a very sweet girl once she's had time to get to know and trust new people.
She loves to play with squeaky soft toys and will do almost anything if you have a tasty treat on offer.
She's an intelligent little girl who's not been given the right outlet to use her brain and show how bright she is, she loves to learn new things.

Things to note

Due to Zara shy nature, visits in quick succession to our Godmanchester site will be required to allow her to start to make friends.

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