Every ticket brought and sold helps us rebuild little lives

Wood Green holds three raffles each year, in Spring, Summer and Autumn to raise funds to care for the pets in our care all year round.

Spring Raffle: Tickets available in April, draw takes place in May

Summer Raffle: Tickets available in July, draw takes place in August

Autumn Raffle: Tickets available in October, draw takes place in November


There are 9 cash prizes given out each time.

1st Prize - £1,250

2nd Prize - £500

3rd Prize - £250

4th prize - five runner-up prizes of £50

Each ticket is one chance to win of these prizes, and if you buy or sell 10 tickets you will also go into our ‘Super Seller’ draw for a change to win £250.

To view the winners of our latest raffle, click here.

How to buy tickets

Tickets cost just £1 each and come in a book of 10.

Tickets are posted to many of our current supporters and can also be requested from our Supporter Relations Team on 0300 303 9333 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) or at supporter.relations@woodgreen.org.uk

Each ticket makes a difference

£5 can cover the cost of a health check for a pet who is recovering from an illness or injury

£10 can pay for a hand-feeding kit to feed an abandoned puppy or kitten who has been separated from their mother.

Terms & Conditions

Full terms and conditions for the Wood Green, The Animals Charity raffle can be found here.