Welcome to the Wood Green family

Your monthly gift is a lifeline for so many homeless pets – thank you so much for joining us. We care for up to 650 homeless animals at any one time, and we can only do it thanks to kind animal lovers like you.

Here are just some of the things your gift will help pay for:

Specialist veterinary care

Many of the animals who come through our doors are seriously ill or injured. Your support will help our veterinary team carry out thousands of life-saving operations every year.

Food, warmth and play

Your support will help buy specialist food for weak and poorly pets, as well as heat pads, incubators and cosy bedding. You’ll also be helping homeless animals rebuild their trust in people.

Helping pets and people

We’re committed to making life better for pets and people. Your donations will help us educate, advise and support more potential and existing pet owners.

Thank you again for your generous support. Together, we'll give more pets the second chance at life they deserve.