Wood Green fundraisers in your area

Here are our current residential fundraising locations.

If you wish to contact us about this, please call us on 0300 303 9876 (option 3), or email supporter.relations@woodgreen.org.uk.

Door-to-door/residential fundraising

From 12/08/2019 to 18/08/2019:

  • Brent: NW2 3,NW2 1,NW10 5,NW10 9,NW2 6,NW10 8,NW2 2,NW2 4,NW10 7,NW2 7,NW2 5
  • Barnet: NW11 7,NW11 9,NW11 8
  • Hammersmith & Fulham: NW10 6,NW10 7,NW10 5,NW10 8,NW10 9
  • Camden: NW6 4,NW6 1,NW6 2,NW6 3
  • Ealing: W5 2,W7 3,W5 5

From 19/08/2019 to 25/08/2019:

  • Brent: NW9 8
  • Barnet: NW9 8,NW11 9,NW7 4,NW11 6,NW11 8,NW11 7,NW7 3,NW4 1,NW9 7,NW4 2,NW11 0
  • Camden: NW3 7,NW3 5,NW3 4,NW3 6
  • Ealing: W5 3,W5 4

From 05/08/2019 to 01/09/2019:

  • Milton Keynes: MK13 0,MK16 9,MK19 7,MK12 6,MK10 0,MK16 0,MK14 6,MK10 9,MK13 7,MK14 7,MK11 2,MK15 9,MK15 0,MK15 8,MK13 8,MK12 5,MK14 5,MK16 8,MK10 7,MK11 1,MK13 9
  • Dacorum: HP2 7,HP23 6,HP3 9,HP1 3,HP1 2,HP3 0,HP2 6,WD4 8,HP4 2,HP23 5,HP4 3,WD4 9,HP4 1,HP2 5,HP1 1,HP2 4,HP23 4
  • Three Rivers: WD19 4,WD3 8,WD18 9,WD18 6,HP3 0,WD25 0,WD18 8,WD3 5,WD3 1,HA6 3,WD19 6,WD3 7,WD18 0,HP3 9,WD5 0,WD18 7,WD19 7,HP3 8,WD3 4,WD3 2,WD3 3,WD19 5,WD3 9
  • Stevenage: SG2 9,SG1 5,SG1 2,SG2 0,SG1 4,SG1 3,SG2 8,SG1 1
  • Watford: WD18 6,WD25 7,WD17 3,WD25 9,WD17 2,WD18 7,WD24 4,WD18 0,WD19 4,WD17 1,WD24 5,WD24 7,WD17 4,WD24 6
  • Kingston upon Hull: HU6 7,HU2 9,HU5 1,HU9 1,HU9 5,HU4 7,HU8 9,HU1 1,HU3 2,HU3 3,HU9 4,HU8 7,HU7 6,HU1 2,HU3 6,HU1 3,HU5 5,HU5 2,HU8 0,HU2 8,HU1 4,HU3 1,HU5 4,HU8 8,HU9 2,HU6 9,HU5 3,HU2 0,HU7 3,HU7 0,HU4 6,HU9 3,HU7 4,HU6 8,HU3 5,HU3 4
  • Nottingham: NG1 2,NG11 7,NG8 6,NG3 7,NG1 3,NG7 4,NG5 5,NG6 8,NG7 6,NG1 7,NG6 9,NG3 1,NG3 2,NG1 5,NG3 3,NG2 3,NG5 2,NG2 4,NG8 3,NG8 2,NG7 7,NG11 9,NG8 1,NG7 1,NG7 2,NG7 3,NG6 0,NG5 9,NG1 4,NG3 4,NG5 3,NG8 4,NG8 5,NG2 1,NG1 1,NG5 1,NG3 5,NG1 6,NG2 2,NG11 8,NG7 5
  • Norwich: NR1 4,NR5 8,NR4 6,NR1 2,NR2 1,NR1 3,NR3 4,NR7 8,NR2 2,NR5 9,NR3 3,NR3 2,NR7 9,NR1 1,NR7 0,NR4 7,NR6 6,NR3 1,NR2 3,NR2 4,NR5 0

Private site fundraisers

Week commencing 12/08/2019:

  • St Georges Shopping centre, Harrow: HA1 1HS
  • Sevenoaks - 136 High Street: TN13 1XA

Week commencing 19/08/2019:

  • Fulham Street, London: SW6 1BW
  • King Street, Hammersmith: W6 0QB

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